Welcome to my Blog!

Why did I start a blog?

I decided to start a blog because I love to share stories of my experiences in the outdoors. I also get a lot of questions about equipment and products I use, tactics we use while hunting, recipes for wild game, and recommendations for women’s hunting clothing! I hope to be able to answer some of those questions and be able to share more about why I love the outdoors and hunting so much! I love to learn and there’s always something new to learn about hunting! I will be sharing new things I learn along the way as well!

My goal is to lead other women and youth to hunting. We as hunters need to bring a positive and supportive light to a sport that is declining so rapidly. With the increased usage of social media and instant connectivity hunting has changed for so many. I have been hunting since before social media and I will continue even if it wasn’t around. I enjoy using social media as a tool to be able to connect with other people passionate about the outdoors, to educate people who are on the fence about hunting, to be a positive influence in the industry, and to also encourage others to get involved in hunting.

Why am I a hunter?

I am a hunter because I am proud to be able to provide my family with organic field to table meat. Hunting is part of our heritage. Natives and pioneers survived through harvesting wild game to be able to nourish their bodies for hard work and long winters. From our forefathers to our grandfathers, it is a tradition that instills values of responsibility, perseverance, and self-sufficiency. Being able to provide food for your family and understanding how conservation works makes you truly appreciate a plate full of food. The dedication and effort it takes to harvest a wild animal is very fulfilling.

I feel most at home in nature where the sounds and breeze brings my soul the peace I need. Whether I have a successful hunt or not, I am just thankful to be able to get outdoors and experience the natural and raw beauty of the wild God has given us. I feel closest to God when I’m in the woods and the wilder the better!

I also enjoy the thrill of the hunt! When I work hard all season and my time invested pays off it is rewarding. Pre-season I spend hours practicing with my bow and all season I envision the perfect shot on a mature buck. When everything comes together in a single moment, your heart is pounding, you pull that release… that feeling is one that keeps you coming back every season.

I am a hunter for many reasons. I’ll always be thankful to my dad for introducing me to the outdoors and his love of hunting.

Thanks for reading my first blog post and happy hunting!!

Sarah Beth Lawhorn

One thought on “Welcome to my Blog!

  1. Please never ever change who you are
    Your a Follower of Christ
    Your a Hunter
    Your a fantastic inspiration to others per your transformation team ( which I failed this time but I never ever give up


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